Strip & Slit Coil Service for Stainless Steel and Special Metals 

Our Coil Slitting Service

Coil slitting service is a process in which a metal master coil is cut into a series of narrower coils while the master coil passes through a set of slitting blades. During the slitting process, the metal coil can be broken by weight and packed to your specifications.

What we can do for you

Our international process partners have decades of experience in cutting and slitting custom steel coils and can offer slit strip products that exceed industry standards in a wide range of thicknesses and grades. Partner with Gerber Steel for all your slit strip needs and let us show you how the right processing partner can impact your business. 

Why you should slit your coils in advance

You save costs compared to local processing of your slit coils. And you save a lot of time. Your goods arrive at your facility ready for processing or reselling.

What you need to know about steel coil slitting

Precision strip steel slitting, often referred to as rolled steel slitting, is a process in which wide metal coils are fed lengthwise through a slitting line and cut into narrower coils. As the coils pass through the splitting machine, extremely sharp circular blades – one upper and one lower – perform the cuts. These are generally referred to as knives and can be moved to produce strips of different widths.

A steel splitting machine consists of three main parts: an uncoiler, the cutting machine and a coiler. The key to optimizing the quality of the steel splitting process lies in the equipment. It must be ensured that all elements are precisely aligned, that knife spacing and clearance are correctly adjusted, that quality tools and sharp knives are used, and that unwind and rewind tension is critical.

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