Packaging and Shipping Services for Stainless Steel & Special Metals

Our packing and shipping services

Professional and up-to-date packaging methods are a standard for us. Here we support you, of course, also in the selection of the best packaging for your stainless steel and metal products. Your goods should arrive safely and in perfect condition.

Especially when transporting over long distances, good packaging and non-slip properties are important. All stainless steel and metal products are shipped in seaworthy containers.

What we can do for you

We have your material professionally packed and transported. For this purpose we rely on reliable logistics partners. Companies with many years of experience in transporting stainless steel and metal goods.

Why you should choose Gerber Steel

We can provide you with effective advice on packaging and shipping, or we can adapt to your specifications. So that you do not experience any surprises when transporting your goods. This saves you time and costs.

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